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A Fully Ecological and Biological Solution

A Real Safe Odor/Air Quality Improvement


Air Treatment

Air Treatment in ecological and biological way

Unique biological formula with botanic essence

Say no to petrochemical products; embrace the nature

We Do Ecological Way


Eves offers you performance products in the forefront of biotechnology

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100% Renewable

Using only renewable resources, eves keeps environment guarantees

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100% Bio-degradable

Respecting the environment and nature, all eves products are biodegradable.

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Safety Labeling

Thanks to its biological formula, eves requires no safety labeling.

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eves : The Environment, Nature and Life


Along with the eves High-standard products line, eves and Vtxbio invite you to participate our activities of protecting the environment and nature.

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Recent News
24 Feb 2013

Check our new portable odor product line

Outdoor sports, textiles, in car use and even for hairs; the new eves product line offers you the eco odor eliminator with portable convenience.

28 Jan 2013

Treatment products to control Air quality in car

No matter the odor from the air condition pipes or the out of controlled emission of TVOC, eves air treatment products help you to solve them all.

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Eco-design takes into account environmentale aspects during product development and during its life cycle. Recycled or recyclable materials, natural, renewable sources, cleaning capacity, recycled or recyclable packaging, easy disposal and 100% biodegradation, eves obey the Eco Design rule.
By choosing eves, the distinguished products that are safer for the environment and guarantees their performance, you takes into account the product's life cycle from the extraction of raw materials, production, distribution and use to recycling or elimination of packaging after use.
Thanks to its high performance and biological formula, you not only use less portion to do the same job, but choose efficient, eco-designed products that differentiate yourself from other products on the market.
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